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Dental crowns are a restorative and cosmetic procedure. When a tooth is damaged, a cap can protect the tooth and restore its shape and function. Dental crowns can be created with different materials and are used when a filling is unable to fix the problem.

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dental crowns in fairview

Who Needs a Dental Crown?

There are many reasons why someone may need a dental crown. If a patient has a weak tooth from decay, a dental crown will strengthen the tooth and keep it together if there are cracked parts. Dental crowns can also restore a broken or worn tooth.

Moreover, dental crowns can be used with other dental procedures, including bridges, implants, and root canals. The caps blend in nicely with natural teeth and will reshape your smile.

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Dental Crown Procedure

There are usually two visits when you come to get dental crowns near you.

First Visit

During your first visit, our dentist performs an exam and will prepare your tooth. Next, we take X-rays of the tooth and the bone surrounding it.
Some individuals require a root canal procedure before having a cap placed. If the tooth receiving the crown is decaying, there is a risk of infection, or the tooth’s pulp is injured, a root canal will ensure your tooth is healthy before the dental crown is set.

The tooth getting the dental crown is filed down to create space for the cap. The various materials for crowns can affect how much of your tooth the dentist will file. For patients who need more of their tooth removed due to decay and damage, we can build up the tooth structure with a filling material so the crown can fit properly.

When we have the final shape of your tooth, we create an impression to make the dental crown. With a perfectly fitting crown, the cap will blend into your smile and keep your bite normal. While the real crown is being created, we give you a temporary crown to protect your filed tooth.

Second visit

When you visit our dentist near you for your second visit, we replace the temporary crown with a permanent crown. Before we cement the cap into place, we make sure the dental crown matches the colour of your smile. We numb then your tooth a cement your crown into place!

Dental Crowns in Fairview

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