What is the Role of Emergency Dentistry?

Role of Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies may happen at any moment, day or night, and they can be sudden and overwhelming. These can be anything from a minor toothache to jaw dislocation. 

When Do We Need Emergency Dentistry?

Common dental emergencies include the following:

  • Toothaches:

    A cavity, gum infection, or broken tooth are just a few of the causes of a sudden, acute toothache.

  • Broken or chipped teeth:

    Teeth that are fractured or chipped might happen as a result of a fall, an accident, or biting down on something hard. Pain, discomfort, and even bleeding may result from this.

  • Knocked-out tooth:

    A fall or other oral trauma may result in a knocked-out tooth. To improve the odds of preserving a knocked-out tooth, emergency dental care should be sought out very soon.

  • Fallen crowns or fillings:

    A lost crown or filling may be sensitive, painful, or unpleasant. It’s crucial to get emergency dental care to keep the tooth from getting worse.

  • Abscessed tooth:

    An abscessed tooth is an infection of the gums or the tooth’s root that can result in excruciating discomfort, bruising, and fever.

  • Soft tissue injuries:

    Soft tissue injuries can result from biting the tongue or lips, as well as from internal wounds or abrasions. Emergency dental treatment may be required if the injury is serious or the bleeding is considerable.

  • Jaw discomfort:

    Many disorders, such as TMJ dysfunction or an injury, can cause jaw discomfort. It could make eating or opening your mouth unpleasant and uncomfortable.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that dental emergencies can happen suddenly and without warning. By receiving emergency dental treatment as quickly as possible, you can lessen pain and discomfort as well as help avoid future damage.

Role of Emergency Dentistry

Patients who require quick attention for dental emergencies depend on emergency dentistry to provide them with urgent dental care. Emergency dentistry’s functions include:

Relief from pain –

Emergency dentistry strives to lessen the suffering resulting from dental crises. This could entail a toothache that hurts, broken or damaged teeth, or an abscessed tooth.

Preventing additional harm –

This form of care can aid in preventing additional harm to the gums and teeth. An emergency dentist, for example, can fix a damaged or chipped tooth and stop infection or decay from spreading.

Addressing dental trauma –

Dental trauma can be evaluated and treated by an emergency dentist if you encounter dental trauma, such as a knocked-out tooth. By doing this, you may protect your teeth and gums from long-term harm and improve their overall health.

Follow-up care –

After a dental emergency, emergency dentistry near you can offer crucial follow-up treatment. To guarantee that your teeth and gums recover properly and maintain their health over the long term, this may include extra treatments or procedures.

Emergency Dentistry in Fairview

Those who require immediate dental treatment can visit Fairview Dental Clinic for emergency dentistry services. Our skilled dentist in Fairview is dedicated to providing fast, compassionate care to lessen the pain and agony brought on by dental emergencies.

We offer the following emergency dental services:

  • Assessment and diagnosis:

    To decide on the best course of action, our staff will assess your dental emergency and provide a diagnosis
  • Pain control:

    Our goal is to reduce the discomfort brought on by a dental emergency while also managing the pain.
  • Repairs:

    We provide a variety of dental repair treatments, such as the replacement of missing fillings or crowns and the treatment of various dental ailments.
  • Extraction:

    If a tooth is extremely decayed or diseased, it may occasionally need to be removed. When required, our staff can remove teeth to reduce discomfort and avert future harm.
  • Follow-up care:

     After emergency dental treatment, we offer follow-up care to make sure that your teeth and gums fully recover and continue to be healthy over time.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need emergency dental care; our dentist near you will make every effort to provide you with the care you need as soon as possible.

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